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Phillip Weber - Principal Designer
Janice Bassett - Principal Strategist
Greg Mendell - Marketing Director
Melanie Earl - Account Coordinator

Metro DC Law Marketing is a group of creative genius types that happen to love building brands and helping Legal Professionals succeed with innovative ideas. We work with solo attorneys to firms with 70 Lawyers. Every Firm is unique and we ensure that capture the Uniques elements to assist in attaining more and better Clients. 


At our core, we are creative strategists and problem solvers. However, we know that the best solution for one firm  is not the same for another. That is what makes us take a broad view and use our local expertise to create a tailored and targeted appoach

"I can honestly say I have never worked with a more creative and focused internet markting firm. Metro DC Law Marketing came up with some amazing ideas and strategies, which helped to get more clients." Barry H.